Tyhjyys itämaisessa ajattelussa ja taiteessa. Teos, Helsinki 2008
(Emptiness in Oriental Thought and Art)



In this critically acclaimed illustrated book I cover the oriental thinking about emptiness from its origins in India through Chinese Chan buddhisme to the Japanese Zen. I include the precepts of Chinese and Japanese ink art and how the pivotal concept of emptiness is realised in these works. Two chapters are dedicated to Western thinking, it’s ‘horror of vacuity’ and the difficulties in adopting the concept of zero.


Musta neliö. Abstraktin taiteen salat. Taide, Helsinki, 2004
(The Black Square. The Sectrets of Abstract Art)



In this critically acclaimed illustrated book I trace the origins of image in Western culture passing by the saint images, the icons, and arriving at the “empty icon” of Kasimir Malevitch in Russia in early 20th century. A truly revolutionary work that left a permanent mark. From there the reader is guided through the major currents of thinking in modern art, the most important proponents of which include artists like Piet Mondrian and Vassili Kandiski. Modern art crossed the Atlantic after the Second World War and in New York the artists reinvented abstract art with thoroughly romantic concepts. Ad Reinhardt, the odd one out on the New York art scene, wound up painting black square paintings. He claimed them to be the “synthethis of all Western and Oriental art”, a most serious and puzzling endeavour, raising many pertinent questions about the meaning of a work of art. Some tentative answers are offered in this book.

Abstract art has been buried many times, but its roots are so deep in our culture that it keeps being reborns and reinvented. And all the questions about it remain still open.


Articles, Papers and Lectures

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Maurice Merleau-Ponty, le philosophe du moi sensible (in Finnish), in the Finnish translation of Merleau-Ponty, L’Oeil et l’esprit

A series of articles in the art magazine Taide (Helsinki, Finland) on the philosophy of H.G. Gadamer and A. Schopenhauer on art, on creativity and artistic thinking, on the fourth dimension and the void in art etc.

Lectures and seminars on modern art and philosophy at the University of Paris, the University of Helsinki, the University of Tampere, the Polytechinal University, Espoo, the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, the Art School of Rueil-Malmaison and the Art Museum Sara Hildén, Tampere.

Teaching position at the Parsons School of Design, Paris, on Philosophy and History of Art, 1993-1995.

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